Malaysian Police use iGene technology

In March this year, reports produced using our iGene iCSI (iGene Crime Scene Investigation) software were presented in a Court of Law in Malaysia, and convicts involved in the specific case, prosecuted.

The Malaysian authorities discovered 139 suspected graves, throughout abandoned camps, in Wang Kelian, Perlis. Distressed Rohingya Muslims escaping from Burma were captured, between the Thailand-Malaysia borders and imprisoned in the camps by human traffickers. These graves are believed to have been used for the desperate Rohingya victims.

Although a very poignant scene, through iCSI, iGene recreated the scene of crime and published a report using advanced software to aid the Royal Malaysian Police in making a full prosecution.

Commencing in May 2016, police visited the scene of crime, and images were captured and evidence reported. Just under a year later after further investigations, with the help of iGene’s Forensic team an iCSI report was published. Including panoramas of the crime scene, a map with radar, the case description and further evidence, a virtual 3D crime scene was recreated and presented in the court of law. In March 2016 the convicts involved in this case were charged.

iGene Crime Scene Investigation has previously been used in many high profile cases in Malaysia. Seeking to ease the investigation of cases, practical, hands on training sessions are provided by our Forensic experts, in order to utilise iCSI to its full extent.

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